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Course video does not load

If it takes a long time or the course videos do not load at all, it could be because of three things:

  1. Internet connection
  2. Slow Internet Speed
  3. Browser cache

1. For internet connection:

The reason why the video is not playing might be due to connection issues. If you see a video is not loading, the first thing you should do is to check to see whether or not you are connected to the internet. Local networking problems can usually be fixed by unplugging your modem and router and then plugging them back in.

2. Slow Internet speed

To check the speed of your internet connection, please head over to speedtest.net
If your internet speed is slow then please contact your internet service provider for a resolution, keeping in mind that you should have at least a minimum of 5Mbps download speed for streaming course video.

3. For browser cache:

1. Close the course. At the top right of your browser, click the icon for more.

2. Click “History” from the dropdown list.


3. Select “Clear browsing data.”


4. Set the time range to “All time” then check the first four options especially “Cached images and files.” Then, click “Clear data.


5. Press F5 or refresh then go back to your course.
6. If the issue remains, feel free to contact support@accessonline.ph.

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